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amazon.co.uk 21 June 2005
Darkness and Disgrace

Darkness and Disgrace: Des de Moor and Russell Churney perform the songs of David Bowie
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5 out of 5 stars [out of 5] Highly Recommended, June 21, 2005
Reviewer: Adam Dean from Melbourne

This CD is an essential purchase for Bowie fans and for devotees of music in the theatre-cabaret tradition. The arrangements are very original and usually involve slowing down the tempo and stripping back the instrumentation to only voice and piano (but some times guitar). The results are powerful, dramatic interpretations that encase David Bowie's lyrics like never before. And what a great choice of songs - 'We Are The Dead' (originally from Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs') is stunning. 'Station to Station' played on grand piano works surprisingly well, and hardcore Bowie fans will get a kick out of the amalgamation of 'It's No Game' and the rarity 'Tired of My Life'. It is also great to hear some later day gems like 'The Buddha of Suburbia' and '(I Have Not Been To) Oxford Town'. But be prepared - this CD is an enormous distance from Bowie's electronic experimentation of the late 70s but that is also what makes it so worthwhile when they take on songs like 'Be My Wife', 'Always Crashing in the Same Car' and 'Heroes/Helden'. In fact, the closest thing in Bowie's own canon would be his one off live performances alone with pianist Mike Garson - but even then, those performances have yet to take on a significant extended or album form. If Bowie was a singer in 1930s Berlin, this is perhaps what he would have been like. Go in with an open mind and there is a lot to be enjoyed here. And finally, in comparison to the numerous other Bowie covers compilations out there, start with this one. It is head and shoulders above the others (and believe me, I have heard them all).

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Darkness and Disgrace
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