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Press Cuttings: Darkness and Disgrace

BowieNet (official David Bowie website) 19 February 2003
Des de Moor (left) and Russell Churney do the Bewlay Brothers: 'I should 
point out', adds the photographer, 'that Des doesn't make up like this for the show. That's 
just me being a bit mischievous. Well if Q can do it to The Man!'
Photo: Total Blam Blam


One more weekend, of lights and evening faces...

A final reminder about the BowieNet night performance of Darkness and Disgrace, this coming Saturday February 22nd. This is the penultimate show, and the run will close after Sunday's performance. A few of you have caught Darkness and Disgrace for the first time during the current run, and to save me carping on about how good it is yet again, BowieNetter LizSK2 has kindly sent in this short review:

"Having seen Barb Jungrís one woman show in London last year I was aware she was the UKís foremost cabaret artist and her interpretations of Dylan songs have to be heard to be believed. So when I found out she was the director of Russell Churney and Des De Moorís Darkness and Disgrace I was expecting great things.

"And what a show it was! I felt like I was hearing all these songs for the first time; quite a feeling considering I, like you, have heard them hundreds of times.

"The range of songs used was wonderful. There was a smattering of 60s tunes (Please Mr Gravedigger is much more sinister than I thought!); the least obvious 70s ones (save for Life On Mars?) and even a stab at I Have Not Been to Oxford Town. I thought it was an inspired choice to use songs that werenít "hits" which recognised the hardcore element of the attendees.

"So no Changes et al but instead they delivered emotionally wrought versions of We Are The Dead (my highlight) and The Bewlay Brothers. There was even room for a clever segue of All The Madmen and the Buddha of Suburbia (time to do this one again live surely?) via "Ouvre Le Chien". Churneyís accomplished piano furnished a wonderful version of Time, a song built for chanson-style performance if ever I heard one!

"Both Churney and De Moor obviously have a great love for the material and that comes across wonderfully well in the performances despite a cheeky swipe at the late, lamented Tin Machine! So brimming with confidence and vigour was the evening they even attempted, and pulled off, Helden. Now how about a CD release of the show?"

Thanx a lot Liz, another satisfied competition winner. BowieNetter Martyn has posted a far wordier review on the MBs. Check it out here. He ends his piece thus: In conclusion, make the effort and see this show. It is well worth catching before itís all too short a run comes to an end.

If you're interested in attending on Saturday you will need to get your tickets now. The Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead is not huge, and most of the BowieNet winners of our recent competition have already reserved seats for this date. BowieNetters will be able to see the show on Saturday for the concessionary rate of £8. This discount is available for this Saturday only, and then only to those that give a valid BowieNet user name.

Total Blam Blam - (BowieNet News Editor)

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