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Holy Water
Photographs in Empty Houses Photographs in Empty Houses
One of 9 original songs, 1 instrumental piece, 2 covers and 2 theatre songs on my first musical cabaret album.
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Des de Moor
voices, acoustic guitar, keyboards and programming

Near the end of my stint with the Irresistible Force I started working with Stump's ex-drummer, Rob McKahey, on his solo project, a strange and effective crossover of Irish traditional music and industrial rock. I wrote this song for Rob: it was a departure for me in terms of both musical style and imagery but in the end the project came to nothing and I recorded it myself.
A desert wind that sets the sand in motion .
Voice no emotion, voice no emotion.
A throat so dry you could have drunk an ocean.
Voice no emotion, voice no emotion.
A barren land, an empty heart
And empty looks on weathered faces.
A pointing hand, a sudden start
And then the sight of an oasis.

A rusty standpipe in a scorching season.
What is the reason, what is the reason?
No loyalty left, no point at all to treason.
There is no reason, there is no reason.
The fool that searches finds the well
Just on the point of dehydration.
The water's black as sin, the smell
Is foul, the taste is a libation.

You won't believe what's in the water.
You won't believe you're drinking holy water.
What cruel god created
A thirst that can't be sated
No matter how the cup runs over?

Written: Deptford, London, October 1990

Des de Moor

Des de Moor

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From the album Photographs in Empty Houses (see left).

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