Des de Moor

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Water of Europe Water of Europe
One of 12 new English chansons and three covers on this 1999 solo album.
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Des de Moor
voice and coros, guïro, claves
Stanley Adler
Russell Churney
piano on salsa section
Julia Doyle
double bass, coros
David Harrod
piano on verse section
Hamish Orr
congas, cascara, cowbell

I wanted to write a song about death, and found the springboard I needed in a painting by the Victorian pre-neo-Raphaelite G F Watts (1817-1904). In his allegory 'Death, Time and Judgement', Watts personified Death as a handsome young man, an image that seems chillingly prescient for my own times and experience. I also wanted to continue my exploration of Latin music: apart from the dramatic prelude, this is a fairly straight salsa structure, with a ten-line verse, a chorus, descarga section and antiphonal 'coro y inspiraciòn'. It was finished in November 1995.
When I was young
Old age was light years distant
And sleeplessness persistent.
The monsters wore old bandages with loose hair greying,
Smell of earth and taste of teeth decaying
And tug of shroud,
And I'd scream loud
To silence whispered thoughts that stay but don't bear saying....

Now I'm older, death is a young man,
Not the skull-faced spook from The Seventh Seal
But a bronze Adonis with eyes as blank
As a half-filled diary's empty pages.
It's not only the old that are dying
And at close of day, there's burning rages
For a hundred loose ends, for the lovers and friends,
For the wind into which we were pissing
When we never knew what we were missing,
For the might-have-been, could-have-been, never-was life we've been living.

Last orders, please.
Never mind the hours in churches on your knees,
Never mind the agonies and ecstasies--
There would always be time for one more.
Last orders, please.
Whether it's from old age or disease
Or even in among the accidental casualties
You would still want to even the score.
You will beg one hour more
But you'll surely be shown the door.

Last orders, please.
All those years in offices and factories
Lining nests for dubious posterities
When the hours seemed to go by so slow.
Last orders, please.
Early bath or stick round for centenaries
But even if you say please or pretty please
In the end, there's an end to the show.

Before I go -- Today or tomorrow
Before I go -- False promises ring hollow
Before I go -- With the realisation that there's nothing to follow
Before I go -- Just annihilation. Should be inspiration
Before I go -- To change this world from tears into laughter,
Before I go -- Forgetting the fabled hereafter.
Before I go -- We've nothing to lose in the trying:
Before I go -- If life is a bitch unless you're fucking rich
No wonder we're so scared of dying.

Written: Guildford, Hertford and Deptford, London, May and September 1995

Des de Moor

Des de Moor

© Copyright Des de Moor 1999

From the album Water of Europe (see left).

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