Des de Moor

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Photographs in Empty Houses Photographs in Empty Houses
One of 9 original songs, 1 instrumental piece, 2 covers and 2 theatre songs on my first musical cabaret album.
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Des de Moor
voice, keyboards and programming

A deliberate German cabaret spoof that recalls a 1991 visit to Berlin soon after the wall came down.
Underneath the S-Bahn bridges off Kufürstendamm
Park up an unpack your picnics, feast on bread and jam,
Sausages and pickles and a slice of jellied ham
That you carried all the way from Poznan.

It's a long way past the border but we had to go
Just to prove the new world order isn't just for show
So we came from far Warszawa, Praha and Brno.
Today we see Berlin, tomorrow Potsdam.

We came to taste the milk of paradises.
At least we'll taste the air now we have seen the prices.
We're off the Mark, we've only grotty
Koruna and worthless zloty.
Why not join our picnic in the free world?

Morning light behind an Imbiß off Kufürstendamm.
Loading up a battered Trabbi, Ahmed from Tehran
Prays to God he might afford at least a VW van:
You only get as good as what you pay for.

Daily at the Brandenburger Tor he runs his stall.
Yankee fags, redundant flags and fragments of a wall.
The tourists sneer, "Too pricey here", and then the policemen call.
Sometimes you stop and wonder what you stay for.

We came to taste the milk of paradises
And now we're dealing detritus at dismal prices.
Since at home our lives were blighted
By the bully boys united
Why not join the picnic in the free world?

Berlin, you display your ruins on your sleeve with pride,
Inviting us to stare but not inviting us inside.
Berlin, now that all your banks have crossed the great divide
Is it only Portakabins that your conquerors provide?
Berlin, alles ist besetzt. Hier gibt's kein Zimmer frei.
A battered bus is not a stable but at least it's dry
And in Marx-Engels-Platz if Karl or Fred should chance to roam
Well, they sure won't find a coffee so they'll have to bring a thermos of their own.

Und schmeckt das gut, die Milch der Paradiese?
Gibt's immer teuerer Preise für die grünste Wiese?
Und hat der mit leeren Hände
Nur die Luft in allen Lände?
Picknickmach! Denn ist das doch die Freiwelt!

Written: Berlin and Deptford, London, August and November 1991

Des de Moor

Des de Moor

© Copyright Des de Moor 1992

From the album Photographs in Empty Houses (see left).

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Picnic in the Free World Click here to visit the Downloads page for an MP3 file of this song.
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