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Sharp Contradictions
Water of Europe Water of Europe
One of 12 new English chansons and three covers on this 1999 solo album.
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Des de Moor
David Harrod

The most recently written song on Water of Europe at the time of its release, this was an effort to expand the boundaries of my songwriting that began on a crowded train from Liverpool to London.
Intelligent life: that's you in there
Alive and kicking, awake, aware
With a billion lights that sparkle and flare
In the brain above
But put in the knife and start to twist
The lizard hisses and lashes a fist
The world goes runny when you get pissed
And then there's love

A needle or pin that gets under my skin a dis-
ordered af- fection dis- rupts my pro- tection it's
sharper than sharp rips the membrane a- part the sting
in the tail slitting the veil pene- trating de-
fences first lurking now working its way to the
heart of me reaching and breaching me into a
part of me where cons- ciousness fails where
primeval wails sub- side into silence of
violence un speakable tenses the brain and the
chattering narrative patter of sentience
hushes pla- cated, ef- faced suffo- cated dis-
placed by the vacuuous purity of flaming
draining unseeing being-an- nihilating

And yet it's the hours I spend sinking
That sharpen and temper my thinking
And it is this feeling you give
That reminds me just how much I live.

Written: Liverpool Lime Street and Deptford, London, May and 22 October 1997, Spring 1998

Des de Moor

Des de Moor

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