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Des de Moor
Julia Doyle
double bass
David Harrod

I got the idea for this song while still working on Water of Europe, but initially rejected it because I thought it would alienate the audience -- of course, it turns out everyone laughs because no-one thinks it applies to them! Part of the lyric-writing process involved Ian Harris and I in lengthy phone conversations about the things selfish and inconsiderate people do in public that really irritate us. It's proved a successful song in my live set.
I try to be a humanist
And struggle bravely to resist
Appealing to authority
Or self-superiority.
I know society's to blame
For what each one of us became
And these days thinking for yourself's
Considered bad for mental health.
Unleashing humankind's potential's
Not a matter existential,
But sometimes when my mind is wandering
I catch myself still pondering...

Why are there so many stupid people in the world?
You know the ones I mean:
When they have to buy a ticket and the only way to pick it
Is to press the right buttons on a ticket machine.
How do they cope with modems, faxes and bank accounts and taxes?
How do they all survive?
Why are there so many stupid people in the world?
And wherever did they learn to drive?

On crowded pavements
They're on their bikes
Except at night time
When they've no lights.
They're men and women,
They're straight and gay
But they're never ever somewhere
That they're not in the way.

You see there's so many stupid people in the world.
Some are rich and some are poor.
The rich ones are the most obtuse and they have even less excuse:
So that's what a public school education's for!
Their arrogance is shocking, especially when shoppping.
Has somebody been making clones?
Yes there are so many stupid people in the world
And most of them have mobile phones.

They're bad when sober,
They're worse when drunk,
Their voices louder,
Their brains more shrunk.
Come chucking out time
They'll take some chucking.
Can they really reproduce by means
As difficult as fucking?

See there are so many stupid people in the world
And I admit it gives me scares.
If the present course we follow we'll discover to our sorrow
When we wake up tomorrow we will find its theirs.
From the echelons of the arts to the garbage in the charts
And the imbeciles of cheap TV,
Why are there so many stupid people in the world?
Why do they always pester me?

Written: Wingham, 30 September & 3 October 1999; Deptford, London, October 1999.

Des de Moor
Ian Harris

Des de Moor

© Copyright Des de Moor and Ian Harris 2002

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