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I Want To
I Want To I Want To
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Des de Moor
voice, keyboards, programming
Morris Gould
electric guitar, keyboards, programming

This song began life as part of a much longer piece which I was working on in 1984-85, entitled 'Men Shall Know Nothing Of This', with some of the music deriving from a traditional Breton tune I'd heard on an album by Alan Stivell. The longer piece was eventually abandoned, but I already had an inkling that this section, with its nods to Allen Ginsberg's poem 'Please Master', could stand on its own. When I first met Morris Gould in 1987 and laid plans for what became the Irresistible Force, I sung him the words a capella to a drone, and it quickly became one of the first pieces in our early repertoire. The arrangement went through several versions, and had become absurdly bloated and melodramatic by the time we recorded it as our first single late in 1987, coupled with a lamentable track called 'Guns'.
That version included samples of kodo drums and Gregorian chant, cut-up extracts from the work of Edgard Varèse and a fragment of Alan Stivell himself playing the tune on uileann pipes. Some years later I met Alan when he was playing in London and gave him a copy -- I have no idea what he made of it. John Peel told me he liked it at the time, but there was no way he was ever going to be able to play it.
It's a bit of a daft piece, really: though I think some people missed the original childishly humorous intent, a couple have told me they found it erotic, which is pleasing. I've maintained an affection for it and in 1997 I realised I could improve on the words and rewrote them. Since then I've performed it a couple of times a capella in moments of madness.

I want to kneel and kiss your feet,
Be chained to you as to a rock.
I want your hands to grab my head
And push your mouth around my cock.

I want your cum to coat my face.
I watt to stick to you like glue.
I want my body strapped in place
With every muscle serving you.

I want your cock with every shove
To make me shudder with the strain.
I want the roughness of your love.
I want the tenderness of pain.

I want your marks to cut my skin
And I will serve you as you crave.
I want your love to fold me in,
Loved as a man and as a slave.

Written: Potters Bar and Camberwell, London, January 1985 and June 1987


I want to kneel down at your feet.
I want your shiny boots to lick.
I want your hands to take my head
And force my mouth down on your dick.

I want your arse pushed in my face.
I want your piss to slake my thirst.
I want my body strapped in place,
Better to put your pleasure first.

I want your cock with every shove
To make me shudder with the strain.
I want the roughness of your love.
I want the tenderness of pain.

I want to wear your marks with pride.
I will do all you ask me to
And take whatever you provide.
I want to give myself to you.

Written: Deptford, London, 22 October 1997

Des de Moor

Traditional Breton

Des de Moor
Morris Gould

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From the 12" single I Want To (see left).

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