Des de Moor
Ne me quitte pas/Brel songs by... Various artists

Zonder liefde, warme liefde, brandt mijn hart, mijn oude hart.
Ne Me Quitte Pas/Brel Songs By... Ne Me Quitte Pas/Brel Songs By...
A compilation of Jacques Brel covers featuring Des's version of 'Marieke'.
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Drawing: Robb Johnson
All words and music by Jacques Brel unless otherwise stated.

Ces gens-là Attila the Stockbroker
Les timides Roy Bailey
Amsterdam (translation: Mort Shuman) Dave Berry
Madeleine (Music: Brel, Jean Corti, Gérard Jouannest) Boum!
Le play pays Koen De Cauter
Next (Au suivant) (Translation: Shuman) Alan Clayson
La chanson des vieux amants (Music: Brel, Jouannest) Vera Coomans
If you go away (Ne me quitte pas) (English version: Rod McKuen) Forrester
Le moribond (The dying man) (Translation: Harvison) Jon Harvison
Les bonbons Robb Johnson
Jackie (La chanson de Jacky) (Translation: Shuman; music: Brel, Jouannest) Barb Jungr
My Death (La mort) (Translation: Shuman) Steve Knightley
Marieke (Music: Brel, Jouannest) Des de Moor Quartet
Voir un ami pleurer Sandy Newman
Yuppie Scum (Les bourgeois) (Translation: Robinson) Tom Robinson
Jaurès Leon Rosselson
Sons of... (Fils de...) (Translation: Shuman; Music: Brel, Jouannest) Alan Clayson
Le bon dieu Robb Johnson

This compilation of specially commissioned original recordings, put together in 1998 by British-based singer-songwriter and Jacques Brel fan Robb Johnson to mark the 20th anniversary of Brel's death, has proved curiously influential. It was one of the first projects to bring together a number of key English chansonniers influenced by Brecht, including Des de Moor, Barb Jungr, Leon Rosselson and Johnson himself.

Also featured are longer-established names like Tom Robinson, Dave Berry and Attila the Stockbroker, and a couple of genuine Belgians in the persons of Koen De Cauter and Vera Coomans. The album includes a mix of original language versions and translations, including some excellent and unusual versions such as Robinson's rendition of 'Les bourgeois' and John Harvison's 'Le moribond', a much better version than the well-known 'Seasons in the Sun'.

As well as leading to further collaborations and recordings by many of the artists involved, such as the occasional stage show, it also generated more recordings on Irregular by de Moor. It remains an intriguing album with several unusual takes on these great songs.

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Irregular Records
Proper Music Distribution


The Des de Moor Quartet: Marieke

Des - vocals, acoustic guitar
Julia Doyle - double bass, violin
David Harrod - piano
Daniel Teper - accordion

Recorded: Pathway Studios, London N7 (Analogue 8-track 1"/DAT), 1 July 1998
Engineer: Justin Underhill

Album compiled by Robb Johnson.

Released on Irregular Records IRR033 October 1998.

Distributed by Proper Music Distribution