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Des de Moor Autumn 2004 season set lists
Des de Moor Photo: Eve Matthews
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For the first Pirate Jenny season at the Drill Hall, Central London, in Autumn 2004, Des de Moor prepared four distinct half-hour sets, each focussing on a different aspect of his repertoire. All four sets were performed with David Harrod on piano.

Anti-sentimental songs
September The songs of Bertolt Brecht
  • Pirate Jenny (Die Seeräuberjenny)
    Words: Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956); Translation: Des de Moor; Music: Kurt Weill (1900-50)
  • Remembering Marie A (Erinnerung an die Marie A)
    Words: Brecht; Translation: John Willett (1917-2002); Music: Paul Umlauft (1853-1934)
  • Song of a German Mother (Lied einer deutschen Mutter)
    Words: Brecht; Translation: Eric Bentley (b1916), de Moor; Music: Hanns Eisler (1898-1962)
  • An den kleinen Radioapparat (To a little radio set)
    Words: Brecht; Music: Eisler
  • On suicide (Über den Selbstmord)
    Words: Brecht; Translation: de Moor; Music: Eisler
  • Song of the Eighth Elephant (Lied von achten Elefanten)
    Words: Brecht; Translation: de Moor; Music: Paul Dessau (1894-1979)
  • Hymn of the Great Man Baal (Der Choral vom Manne Baal)
    Words and music: Brecht; Translation: de Moor

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Testing Times
October Songs by Des de Moor
  • Testing Times
    Words and music: Des de Moor
  • Diamonds on the Dam
    Words and music: de Moor
  • It's then you know
    Words: de Moor; Music: Russell Churney, de Moor
  • Imaginary Friends
    Words and music: de Moor
  • Cargo
    Words and music: de Moor
  • Stupid People
    Words: de Moor, Ian Harris; Music: de Moor
  • An Incidental Bard
    Words and music: de Moor

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La chanson...
November French songs
  • La chanson/It's the song
    Words: Claude Nougaro (1929-2004); Translation: Des de Moor; Music: Michel Legrand (b1932)
  • Les feuilles mortes (Dead leaves)
    Words: Jacques Prévert; Translation: de Moor; Music: Kozma Jozsef (Joseph Kosma, 1905-69)
  • The Refusenik (Le Déserteur)
    Words: Boris Vian (1920-59); Translation: Peter Scott Presland; Music: Vian, Harold Berg
  • Chanson pour l'auvergnat (Song for the Auvergnat)
    Words and music: Georges Brassens (1921-81)
  • Cinema (Le Cinéma)
    Words: Nougaro; Translation: de Moor; Music: Legrand
  • The Black Eagle (L'aigle noir - dédié à Laurence)
    Words and music: Monique Serf (Barbara, 1930-97); Translation: de Moor

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I Travel Alone
December The hidden history of English chanson
  • Shangri-La
    Words and music: Ray Davies (b1944)
  • Desperate Days
    Words: Vi Subversa (b1935); Music: Richard Famous
  • Seagull Mania
    Words and music: Mark Astronaut
  • I Travel Alone
    Words and music: Noël Coward (1899-1973)
  • Being Boring
    Words: Neil Tennant (b1954); Music: Chris Lowe (b1959)
  • Jackboot Democrats
    Words and music: Leon Rosselson
  • The Coastroad
    Words and music: Robb Johnson

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